TRVWEN - Rhythm Guitar

GEIST - Lead Guitar, Synths

SIHHILA - Vocals

BUBAKH - Drums

ASCA - Bass


MÆRER was founded in 2019 as an expression of their love for metalmusic and its diverse subgenres. The german experimental post-black/doom metal formation pursuits musical sincerity and art which is reflected in their creation. They compose dark and heavy sounds, risen from grim and atmospheric tunes that move in a deep black void. The band name is a neologism from the word Maere/Mä́r/Mä́re (narrative, strange story, unreliable or untrue report). It derives the meaning of the etymology of the word but also ones own attribution as a storyteller with an individual perspective. In their first announcement of 3 EP’s which were launched with their debut EP "Am Anfang" in 2022, they use myths and legends and began to develop their own interpretation of the storyline of “Gevatter Tod” and “Feuerberg”. It deals with death, despair, and powerlessness bounded to the fate of being. Now they are working on the second EP and preparing to take you deeper into their concept.